Massive Weight Loss Ain’t All Unicorns and Puppy Dogs… Consequences!

Before you watch my latest vlog I feel compelled to address two issues up front.

1. Yes, I say “um” a lot. I am hyper aware and working on it. Long time public speaking weakness made worse by the fact that I do NOT script these in any way, shape, or form. I decide on a topic and then I ramble on camera. Kind of like how I write. 😉

2. What’s with the hat you ask? I am going through another round of massive hair loss (from the weight loss  – not unusual) and it’s even MORE apparent when my hair is really short as it is now. So basically, my hair looks like complete shit these days but there’s nothing I can do until it starts growing out again.

Okay now on with the show!

2 thoughts on “Massive Weight Loss Ain’t All Unicorns and Puppy Dogs… Consequences!

  1. Allison! I LOVED this video and I can’t wait to meet you F-to-F one day! You tell it so well, this business of what happens to your body with big weight loss… beautifully and humbly (and really not too many “ums”). The extemporaneous nature of your vid makes it all the more powerful. Funny, I work on the surgical correction side of weight loss (I’m a nurse anesthetist and we do a LOT of plastic/reconstructive surgery where I work, including countless “body lifts”) and I thought I understood my patients. Wrong! I’ve never understood the desire to tuck it all up (and the process of deciding to do -or not to do- it) like I do now. Thank you!

    So! I hear I’m supposed to request time off around Labor Day, 2015. RPI? With heeart and soul I want to meet and hang with FoFs! For now, I’m trying to get in the groove for Italy in four weeks. It’s been a rough summer, much harder than I’d expected. To my undying shame, I finally had to admit that I wasn’t capable of planning my way out of a paper bag, let alone planning 8 days of free time in Italy. I’ve engaged a travel agent. Good thing the InGamba folks gave me a name!


    1. Aha! Nancy, I had no idea that’s what you did specifically. I mean I knew you were a nurse. If I divorce David and we do a same sex marriage in a state where it’s allowed, is there a good family discount at your practice? 😉

      In all seriousness though… yes, it really is hard to convey much less understand how fundamentally troubling it is to deal with going from a lifetime of looking horrible in “one way” to looking horrible in another way, and in some respects… in a worse way. An odd and controversial statement but let me ‘splain. While generally viewed as somewhat repugnant in our society, fat people obviously have become more common in recent decades and therefore do not stand out quite as much… unless you are one of those people that are so overweight that it’s still pretty striking. But sadly, there is no shortage of folks that are 100-150 pounds overweight. Does this make you look better?No, it simply makes you blend in more, be more invisible to being noticed. However, the dramatic loose folds of skin, especially depending on where they are, that is NOT common. The bat wings (condor wings?) are bad enough, but the rolls and folds of extra skin that develop like on your thigh – even above the knees, not to mention the well known “apron” you can get on stomach…. those cannot always be hidden under clothes unless you wear really loose clothes. And again, forget a bikini, even wearing a modest one piece bathing suit, the rolls of extra skin on the top of my thighs especially are so distinctive and odd, that they completely grab people’s attention. And not in a good “hey isn’t that terrific, she must have lost a lot of weight” way. No, people usually don’t understand it – it’s some physical deformity, oddity that is fairly repulsive.

      No, I’m not projecting. Seriously.

      So again, it’s not about being beautiful or hot (oh please – I know full well I look like Ted King’s mother-hahaha), it’s just about wanting to look normal, look good, look healthy… and for those of us that are older or have lost so much, we don’t get that at the end of this weight loss journey, not without nip and tuck type plastic surgery anyway. Which is not covered by insurance of course and thus becomes a huge barrier.

      I am sure there are people who make decisions quite easily about getting plastic surgery, and I bet a lot of times with highly unrealistic hopes and expectations. But I am sure there are a lot of us out there who would like to have it after the big weight loss just so we don’t stick out in a bad way, aren’t noticed for looking unattractive in some distinct manner… like we have been for most of our lives.

      That actually made me tear up a little bit while I was typing it. It’s just so damn true. 😦

      Okay enough of that. ITALY!!!! When will the travel agent come back with a suggested itinerary and when they do, will you share it? This sounds like the perfect thing to outsource to me. I am not surprised it’s been a very hard summer but I also know you are coming out of the darkness into the NEXT stage of lightness in your life. You had so much light with Paul and now is the time to renew, refresh and begin the next stage of your journey. And I think it’s going to be a doozy!

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