357 Days Dot Com…

I’m back. I’m here, and I’m ready to do what I do on this blog…

Talk about the challenges and highly personal experience of losing weight.

How much weight?

A lot.

Not ready to disclose, aka admit, aka publicly own up to how much of the 115 pounds I have regained.

Not all of it. But a lot of it. Too much. Weigh too much, and yes, pun intended.

But that’s okay, I am looking ahead and I have one helluva carrot dangling ahead of me now. Of  course if carrots were actually motivational for me, I would never have needed this blog in the first place. But I digress.

Indeed there is great motivation ahead. In 357 days my family and I will depart for the number one destination on my bucket list: New Zealand.

I am literally quivering with excitement. Well, it’s also like 33 degrees in California right now and I am typing by a drafty door, but pretty sure it’s mainly from excitement.

I can’t begin to express how much I have wanted to see New Zealand for most of my adult life, and let’s not forget that I’m a giant dork, so seeing all the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies, the incredible landscapes, has only made it a zillion times worse.

Here’s a little video I made for the family…the trip next year was a surprise I gave them for Christmas this year.

I want to hike, and swim, and trek. And to do that, I need to lose a lot of the weight I have regained AND I need to get back in decent cardio shape.

GAME ON! Starting today. I will do whatever it takes to lose as much weight as I can in 357 days, with an equal focus on building my heart and leg muscles back into shape.

I will track and train, and reward myself along the way.

It’s 51 weeks. I should be able to lose 2 pounds a week, but let’s even just say 1.5 a week. That should be more than reasonable, and still put me back down to a healthy, moving weight by the time we leave.

That’s 5,250 calories a week I need to deficit, or 750 a day.

Right now, as much of a slug as I have been, my resting metabolic rate must be quite low. With no additional exercise, I am probably burning around 1400 a day just “existing”.  That might be low but I’d rather be conservative, especially at my age.

So If I eat 1200 calories a day then, that would only be a deficit of 200, so I’d have to exercise to burn another 550.

That is do-able, but would be hard as out of shape as I am now. So I think it makes more sense to start with around 1000 calories and try to 350 calories burned, which I should be able to do between walking and standing more as I work, and then over time, my walks can go longer and faster and once I can get back on my bike…that 550 calories is so much easier.

So. Now we have Plan A.

Let’s get going!



One thought on “357 Days Dot Com…

  1. Welcome back!!!  Exciting project target!  I am unable to connect via your “comment” button or the URL, so I hope this works. Zelda

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