356 Days…Not That I’m Counting

Okay Day 1…One and Done.

A small thing admittedly, but not when you have been eating everything in sight for months. One day is a damn fine start.

I even mustered up the courage to step on the scale this morning. It was about what I expected. Painful but familiar.

However the point was not to focus on what I weigh now but rather to give me a starting point to track how much I lose in this next 356 days.

I had under 1000 calories yesterday, and while I did not exercise other than house cleaning, we all know that we dump a lot of water the first week of dieting (and if you are a long time reader, you know it’s common for me to lose 10-13 pounds in my first week of a strict diet after lots of binge time), so I am going to say that I lost one pound after the first day of dieting. That should be a very safe assumption.

I was also mulling on some of the things that helped me be successful last time, especially concerning exercise. I was going to the gym 3-6 days a week but I was pretty much always doing the same thing at the gym – riding a recumbent stationary bike. I was able to ride for longer without my knees, back or butt hurting. So I started looking around for a quality one I could have at home instead, but not too pricey, and website after website give the Schwinn 270 recumbent a “best buy” category and they are on sale right now at Sear’s for under $400. So that seems like a no-brainer. I just need to figure out where I would put it that it would get used, and hopefully by the kids too!

Here’s one of the reviews if you are interested:


Now…onward Day 2!

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