354 Days…I was “not counting” wrong

Silly me, I was using the date that we will arrive in New Zealand, December 18, as my target date, when in fact we will be departing the night of December 16, which results in the December 18 arrival with the 14+ hour flight plus notable time difference.

None that it matters, 2 days is not important. I just like to be accurate with my numbers. 🙂

Anyway, saw the expected multi-pound loss after getting through day 2 successfully. I was at or under 1000 calories and am feeling good. No headache so far, which is great. A headache is common for me when starting a diet, but thankfully it’s staying away thus far.

Otherwise, I went ahead and ordered the Schwinn 270 recumbent to arrive later this week, and tomorrow we will do a bomber run to Yosemite as a family, leaving Tuesday morning and coming back Wednesday evening.

That will keep me busy and distracted. And some hiking will get done as well, as much as I can do as a heffalump anyway.

Day 3…here I come!

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